Yumnaa Firfirey


Managing Director

Yumnaa has a varied and interesting cache of experience:

  • starting a responsible tourism social enterprise way back in 1996
  • developing a comprehensive tourism enterprise support programme while in government
  • consulting to an environmental consultancy and to the International Student Travel Confederation while living in Amsterdam
  • serving as Interim CEO to the PDC, a social dialogue agency set up to encourage dialogue amongst labour, government, civil society and business
  • starting her own economic development consulting company, Towards Uhuru
  • co-founding the Western Cape economic development partnership – with the purpose of building effective partnerships for inclusive economic growth

And now, determined to not just be an advocate for an inclusive economy, inclusive business and responsible corporate citizenship, Yumnaa has embarked on a journey to explore ethical business as a social entrepreneur herself. Hence the conception of Bodhisattva, poised to change the way we think about fashion.