Bodhisattva doesn’t just design clothes, but also a new, more inclusive, sustainable economy. It is fashion reimagined.

The Bodhisattva Journey is the path that our clothes have travelled, connecting ethical producers to people like you, who appreciate how their clothing is produced and what impact their purchases make on the world.

We work with small businesses, especially those owned by women. For them this means economic empowerment, independence, real liberation. For you this means that the decisions you take, the clothing that you decide to buy, can make a bigger difference and bring about the world that we want to leave to future generations.

The name of this initiative is borrowed from the Sanskrit term, made up of Bodhi (enlightened) and Sattva (being) describing those who have taken a vow to increase enlightenment and consciousness for the benefit of others. This could not be more necessary than in the fashion and clothing industry, in which people have lost not only their jobs and livelihoods, but some their lives.

Through increased consciousness of all of us, fashion has the power to transform the lives of those making our clothes and those wearing them.